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Michael Phelps Spas

We are proud to be the Dealership for Master Spas for the CO postcode areas and surrounding areas. We offer a free site survey and free instalation with fast delivery of 2-6 weeks. Please contact us for more information or visit our store Garden Furniture UK , Pump Hill, St.Johns Road, Clacton, Essex CO16 8HE tel - 01255 470888

Rooted in Innovation
Over the past 20 years, Master Spas has built a reputation for innovation that goes beyond just our products and features. The innovative spirit of Master Spas permeates every aspect of our company. Most importantly, our products aren’t just “made,” they’re Master Crafted. Every one of our hot tubs and swim spas are made in the USA. Each design is specially engineered and designed to deliver enhanced therapy through smart, innovative design features. And then there's the Master Crafted advantages you don't always see or think about, but still make a huge difference. These include advanced insulation, filtration and heating system, along with the extra steps that we take to ensure that our spas are easy to maintain and offer outstanding performance now and for years to come. So while there may be countless spas out there, there's only one Master Spas.

Our Quality Standards
At Master Spas, quality is more than just a 100 point inspection process during the water testing of every hot tub and swim spa. It's more than the added cost of using only premium components. It's also more than the rigorous standards we establish for each of our suppliers. For us, quality is a way of life and a state of mind. All to make sure you have peace of mind in the hot tub or swim spa you've chosen. Relax. It's Master Spas.

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